Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Today's Learning Terrain

Click on the illustration to enlarge.

This is a map I created based on a blog posting by Tony Karrer on the state of learning in today's environment. Tony was working on a presentation for DevLearn and ASTD and wondered if elearning, elearning 1.3, and learning 2.0 co-exist.

While I am not crazy about the moniker 1.3, I suppose there is a stage between elearning and what others are calling elearning 2.0, but I prefer to refer to as learning 2.0 -- actually it is just learning! Tony asked for a bone -- here is mine.

Notice the relative sizes of the training department and learners in each "land."

Tony: Albeit delayed, here are my answers to your questions 1 and 2. Enjoy.


Ignatia said...

hi Marilyn

Your drawings are fabulous! What an amazing and appealing way to get content accross.

Harold Jarche said...

Great to re-discover you. I missed your graphical insights that you shared with us during the unworkshop.

DT said...

Hi Marilyn,
I saw your site a week or two ago, and looked at this post again. Re-reading it along with other things that have fused for me in that time, I see even more detailed meaning you have represented here.
A picture tells a thousand words, but you still need to comprehend those words for the picture to represent them. A colleague quotes the idea native americans literally did not *see* Columbus' ships arriving on the horizon.

Brent Schlenker said...

Hi Marilyn,
Great to find you. I just added you to the feedreader. I love the drawing.

Sergey said...

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