Monday, August 07, 2006

Graphic Recordings from ACA 2006 Conference

Here are selected recordings from the 2006 American Creativity Conference International Conference.

Graphic recording is done completely "on the fly." When I step before the paper, I have no idea what the speaker will be saying and have no opportunity to pre-plan. I am always a little fearful that I will either run out of paper or have a big blank space when the speaker is done, but somehow quite magically, when the microphone is turned off, I have a full sheet (usually 4' x 8'). As you might expect, occasionally there are misspelled words and the artwork is less refined than some of my other work. I particularly enjoy watching the audience reaction to my renderings and hearing the conversations that occur in small groups that gather to inspect what I have drawn.

The photos are courtesy Frank Ragan Photography. Check out Frank's amazing photography at his website.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Big Bite

Here is a piece I did that provides a little commentary on all of the rich content I was exposed to while participating in Jay Cross' UnWorkshop 2.

One of my assignments was to create my own blog and this image was first published there.

Size 6" x 6"

Tokyo Electron - Pictograph Tieing Together Several Leadership Programs

This is a pictograph I did for Tokyo Electron - US to orient learners to the content in their various leadership development programs and how the various components relate to one another.

Sometimes I create images that are digitally drawn, e.g., the finish rendering has very high production values. TE wanted something that had a hand-drawn, organic feel.

Size: 4' x 6'

ABL - Medsphere

This is an image from a promotional film Medsphere produced to market their product -- electronic healthcare records. I recreated it in a pictograph for Adaptive Business Leaders who recognized Medsphere for innovation in 2006.

Size of entire pictograph 3' x 4'
Size of this image 2' x 2'

ABL - Promoting Health online

Adaptive Business Leaders in Orange, CA., annually recognizes innovations in the Healthcare Industry. Here are a pictogaph I did for them to illustrate the offerings of one of their 2006 finalists. The apple and green form mediating represents a company that promoted a healthy lifestyle using online behavior modification tools.

Size of entire pictograph 3' x 4'
Size of this portion of the pictograph 2' x 2'

ABL - Mobile Reminder System of BeWell Mobile

This is a portion of an image I created for Adaptive Business Leaders of southern California to represent the services offered by one of the 2006 Innovation Finalists in ABL's annual competition. The company, BeWell Mobile, sends text messages to chronically ill subscribers, reminding them to follow a prescribed healthcare regimen.

Size of entire pictograph 3' x 4'
Size of image shown 2' x 2'

Siemens Building Technologies - Healthcare Course

This is a pictograph that captures all of the concepts taught in a sales course relating to the healthcare industry.

The course was 2-1/2 days long and additional pictographs were made of the various components on this one.

Size 4' x 8'

Siemens Building Technologies - Another course

This pictograph was created to support a learning activity for a course on goverment sales. It required learners to make distinctions among the various types of government purchases.

The entire course is 3 days in length; this is one of the highly interactive, collaborative activities. The course was highly rated by attendees.

Size: 4' x 8'

Dr. Edward DeBono at ACA Conference

I am pictured here with Dr. Edward DeBono, the reknown creativity expert, before a graphic recording I made of his presentation at the 2005 International American Creativity Conference.

Dr. DeBono is autographing the pictograph (size 4' X 8').

Graphic Recording at Unity Church - 2006

In this snapshot, I am capturing the outputs of a Visioning Activity by the congregates of Unity Church, Austin, as the activity unfolds. This is a classic example of Graphic Recording.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Conference Poster for American Creativity Association

The ACA asked me to create a poster for their 2005 conference using Concept Mapping techniques. This is the output. It was used to advertise the conference, on the conference program, and later as the back cover of the first book published by ACA Press.

Caty's and Jack's Table and Chairs - Just for Fun

This is the play set that Gramps and I made for beautiful Caty and handsome Jack. Gramps did the carpentry work and I did painted. Cinderella is very important to Caty, as are dinosaurs to Jack. And they do use the table for learning -- colors, shapes, sharing, building language skills, etc. So I suppose this is a form of visual learning as well!

With love, from Abuelita and Gramps