Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Austin's Non-Profits Celebrate 2nd Katrina Anniversary

Click on the image for an larger view.

I was privileged today to hear leaders in the non-profit community, Austin City Manager, Toby Futrell, and mayor, Will Wynn, reminisce about how Central Texans opened their hearts and pocketbooks to hurricane refugees in the late summer of 2005. Over 160 agencies participated and many of the case workers and representatives of those agencies were present today to be recognized for the work that continues even now. Thank you Amy BeVille Elder for the invitation to be a part of this event. The recording above captures some of the highlights of today's celebration.

Later, I redrew the map to "clean it up" a bit so that souvenir copies could be made for many of the non-profit organizations who participated. Here is the cleaned up version:

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