Monday, August 07, 2006

Graphic Recordings from ACA 2006 Conference

Here are selected recordings from the 2006 American Creativity Conference International Conference.

Graphic recording is done completely "on the fly." When I step before the paper, I have no idea what the speaker will be saying and have no opportunity to pre-plan. I am always a little fearful that I will either run out of paper or have a big blank space when the speaker is done, but somehow quite magically, when the microphone is turned off, I have a full sheet (usually 4' x 8'). As you might expect, occasionally there are misspelled words and the artwork is less refined than some of my other work. I particularly enjoy watching the audience reaction to my renderings and hearing the conversations that occur in small groups that gather to inspect what I have drawn.

The photos are courtesy Frank Ragan Photography. Check out Frank's amazing photography at his website.

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